The fastest and most profitable integrated predictive analytics and artificial intelligence trading platform

Generate high returns using strategies that apply integrated, proprietary artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to deliver positive returns in rising, falling, stable or volatile markets.

Primary Strategies & Target Allocations​

Global Macro (30-40%)

Implement a return-oriented global asset allocation portfolio that seeks exposure to secular investment themes, relative value trading opportunities and long volatility biases.

High-frequency Options Trading (30-40%)

We filter North American listed securities with a sophisticated, proprietary algorithm that searches for unusual trading patterns and confluences of signals indicating asymmetrical risk/return profiles.

Tactical Long / Short Equity (5-15%)

Current trading models include S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, TSX 300 and FTSE 350 and are driven off price, volume, volatility and cross-correlation data. Results show both increased performance and decreased volatility vs benchmark.


Our technology mission is to create the world’s most profitable Capital Markets predictive analytics AI engine. This has been our corporate obsession for the past decade. Now we are launching one of the fastest and most profitable financial predictive analytics/machine learning platform.

One Dedicated Team

We have built a team of dedicated strategy, technology and investment professionals, that are true global leaders and have helped shape our vision into a predictive reality.


Data is an exponentially increasing in volume, velocity and variety. In fact, data is becoming a new natural resource. It promises to be for the 21st century what steam power was for the 18th, electricity for the 19th and hydrocarbons for the 20th. Our current engagement model is focused on working with Family Wealth Practices to maximize.

“Building the fastest and most profitable financial analytics platform with a leading elite team of investment bankers, data scientists, business strategy and operations experts has been my obsession for the last nine years and is now being realized!”

– Jake Tiley, Founder, Softai Inc